fishbitch a.k.a Markus Raffetseder works with turntables and grooveboxes for years, combining them with stage effects and arranging his compositions digitally. This is continued in his club-work, where he knows to hit the right spot, by fiddling around with turntables, samplers and cue point mixers.

He's affiliated with the Funkizid Crew and the Fleischmoebel Collective. While in the clubs he's trying to find and guide the crowd through his way of programmatical up and down-tempi, musical styles are changed as he sees fit: He always mixes intelligently, creating references for those interested to feel them, and moves between the developments of the post-seventies concert houses and today's subcultural dronecore with ease.

Releases & Projects

V.A. - speak.feed.bleed. (Digipack CD - kid003), 2007
The Ratalians do it Better - The first the Special (kid002), 2005
Funkizid - Spooky Interaction at a Distance (Mix CDR), 2005
V.A. – Fleischmöbel 003 (CDR), 2003
V.A. – Jason Ditch (CDR), 2001

Gigs & Dates

uncomplete and abandoned list now, sorry back up in some weeks...

@bassBatterie / Jazzkeller Krems - Krems (A) * 26/11/05
operation blingbling 2 / Jazzkeller Krems - Krems (A) * 11/12/05
Wonderwaffe 1 / Tomate - Baden (A) * 18/12/05


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